What happened to uub

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He appeared at the end of Dragon Ball Z, he had a bigger role in GT, but since his character was created in Z he should still be there in Super right? He appeared at the end of Dbz when a 10 year time skip occurred after Buu. Super takes place in between those 10 years, they haven't met Uub yet. He is still a very young boy not sure with the time that has passed but he couldn't be more than years old.

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I don't know, but he's probably still part of his village. He comes around at the 28th tournament at age 10, which is 10 years after Kid Buu's defeat So from my view, he's still growing up in the village unbeknownst to everyone.

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Goku did make a brief menton of him though when he was explaining the U6vU7 tournament to Krillin. Super takes place 6 months after Buu. Source: DB Super episode 1. The 6 months was for when the wish was made for everyone to forget Buu. After that, the narrator said, "Some time passed. Ah, I forgot there was a short time skip.

So I guess I will forget about everything that occurred after the big party in Z. I do r think it matters anymore because the end of Z was completely written out.

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They did mention him I think before the U6 tournament. How they can't get a baby to fight for their U7 team. But he is still very young.

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But isn't he a perfect candidate for the tournament that Zeno wants to do? If it takes place after Z, I hope he will be there!

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What happened to Uub in DBS? Posted by 5 years ago. Sort by: best.

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Continue this thread. End of Z was 10 years after Buu. Super takes place 6 months after Buu Pan is born 5 years after Buu. Videl was pregnant during the BoG arc. More posts from the dbz community. A subreddit for all things Dragon Ball!

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What happened to uub

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What happened to uub?