Ways of life game ralx

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May 11, Vayleton said:. Aug 30, 1, 1, ASLPro3D said:.

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I am pretty sure that I wouldn't be happy if I was DarkSilver then Pretty sure you'd be unhappy if someone did that to The Legend of Versyl This is probably just a money grab, trying to capitalize on someone else's work, effort and good will Game Developer. Sep 16, 2, 9, Mass Effect is abandoned too Mar 28, Afaik, story is totally different.

Plus, that characters are freely downloadable. It misses totally the whole definition of "Mine" that someone can say. Phatez New Member. Dec 2, 12 6. Kravenar Games said:. Nov 7, 43 9. Reactions: Altair I meant the story of the characters, names, backstory and personality of the characters.

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I am fine with an Open Source Model, if that is how the creator wants to make their project I haven't with mine and won't. Personally, Kravenar Gamesmaybe I am wrong There is nothing bad if someone would like to improve our work. Reactions: Kravenar Games. Pialnat Newbie.

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Sep 5, 18 2. Good evening, suddenly I have trouble understanding I have problems with English. But the game will remain unfinished? If yes; it's a shame he was nice. Pialnat said:. I thought it was still in development from the Patreon'snobody talked about a quit. My friend for "abandoned" was referring to the game BB, not this one lol. Oh ok because I'm still blocking a "next build".

Thk you. Arcadia [GameDev] Newbie. May 7, 42 6. Jun 21, Reactions: AndroidBig. Nov 24, 1, 1, I saw V0. It's only to wait for Mega on this site Show hidden low quality content. You must log in or register to reply here. Top Bottom.

Ways of life game ralx

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Porn Game: RALX Games Productions - Ways of Life Version