Vault 69 game

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First time in my life I even sorta wished I had an apple product. Isn't there something in Fallout Lore about an actual 'Shelter 69' where this scenario happened? I made a vault 13 and water production doesn't seem to be working, struggling to keep up with demand. Am I imagining things or are the deers putting in little goodies like this for us to discover?

They're including the vault experiments? Are the other experiment vaults also getting it? If you get vault 12, will your inhabitants slowly become ghouls? If you get vaultwill your vault be overrun by Gary? Fallout Shelter Vault 69 has only one guy Posted by 6 years ago. Sort by: best. Wish it was on Android also.

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Have fun iOS people! Continue this thread.

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And Vault 68 only has one girl. Yeah, 1 guy for women, but they all died. And we already go full meta.

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Vault 69 game

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Fallout – Vault 69