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The roots of transformation stories lie in mythology and literature, from fables told by ancient storytellers to the latest fantasy novels. Prose has many advantages for the genre: it can help the reader get into the head of the transformed character better, it is often better at concealing changes until the right time, and, of course, it saves on special effects. Thus, it was only natural that when video games began to use text to create a more immersive world, the theme of transformation would follow.

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Individual writers and collaborators alike have contributed to interactive tales of TF that range from the merely thought-provoking to the raunchy. The nation of Anglophone Atlantis takes wordplay to its logical extreme. Transformation text game can turn a lock into a clock, or a blouse into a louse, just by using waving a device at them, or even conjure people out of the blue. The game is primarily a story-based one with puzzles to solve, but it positively encourages you to zap everything around you not just to advance the plot but for the sheer fun of it to see what new words you can come up with.

Ultimately, an interesting commentary on how words have the power to transform how we see the world around us, and good fund—sorry, fun. Strictly speaking, this is more of a platform for individual scenarios than a single transformation text game, and as such it lacks a single overarching storyline, but it makes it work with its open-source nature. Transformation Arena! You may frequently find yourself tempted to play to lose—but I would recommend doing so against another human player, as the AI tends to be absolutely brainless and unable even to land a hit when you want it to.

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And, of course, if you prefer to exclude explicit sexual content, you can. If you like a spark of competition in your TF fiction, give it a shot, and then make your own characters. And if you love the arena aspect to this game, be sure to check out TF Card Battle too. If the above game was a customizable, competition-based themed only loosely around the concept of an arena, this one leans wholeheartedly into its theme—a TF-based game show, in which the players compete to see who fully textually transform their opponent, body and mind.

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The focus this time is on detail and frequently quite slow progression, with each body part given its own status and transformed progressively as the round goes on, often in great detail. And how, you may ask, does one represent a game show in a primarily text-based format without illustrations? Simple: minigames. Each round is one of a of fast-paced races against the clock, and the result gives two or three stages of transformation for either you or your opponent—shifting clothes, chests, minds as you frantically click at shapes that pop up, play memory games, or try to guess where a discus will be in a few seconds.

Loading new characters as simple as using a dropdown menu or, if downloaded, pulling up the text files containing their data in your documents. While there are certainly a variety of TFs, there are rarely enough people online to encounter them, you have to wait real-world time after using action points, and becoming inanimate is—logically—even more limiting to what you can do. Stick to the single-player game. Transformania Time online, free Adult Content. Whether you actually end up defeating it or ing it, as the name suggests, is another matter!

Meanwhile, in TiTSyou are Captain Steele, only child of a billionaire tycoon and adventurer, chosen to carry on the family legacy. In both cases, the first thing you do is describe yourself in great detail: not just backgrounds and stats, but species in the case of TiTSyour skin tone, genital details, build, chest size, and so on.

Of course, right from the beginning, expect to encounter a wide variety of enemies with transformative items and attacks that alter your body transformation text game mind—becoming a goblin or a hermaphroditic shark, for instance, or giving yourself transformation text game genitals of a canine species through a pill from a body-tailoring vending machine a dream come true for many of us if it really will exist in the future, no doubt.

Both games share similar combat mechanics: in addition to physical attacks that deal damage, there is also a lust mechanic, both offensive and defensive, with certain attacks allowing you to raise the enemy to a frenzied state of arousal and thus end the fight or be reduced to such a state yourself. It can be reduced by, well, the obvious actions to yourself, defeated enemies, or willing NPCs. Despite this novelty, combat is not terribly innovative, but the games shine somewhere else: the world. Both games are inhabited by a huge variety of NPCs in many different species, all possible sexes and genders, with their own problems and realistic approaches to you.

A nanite has outbreak occurred in your city, spreading rapidly and producing all kinds of bizarre creatures, anthropomorphic animals, and…other things. Virtually all of them have sex on their minds, and they can and will infect anyone they come across, slowly changing their bodies and eroding their will to resist the changes. Your goal: keep sane and as human as possible while scavenging food and water to await the arrival of the armed forces to, you hope, rescue you.

You start simply as male or female, but what it lacks in initial character customization it makes up for in preferences: you can get a wide variety of perks and optional rules active to tweak the kind of content you want to see when adventuring to suit your preferences. It even includes options to surrender immediately or throw the fight, should you so choose.

Of all the games on this list, this one has the most extensive and yes flexible system of showing transformations, as you may find yourself with legs from one species, the head of another, and a pair of breasts from others—and any kind of combination of genitals. If you leave them on, there are animal heat and even pregnancy mechanics. Some transformations induce stranger effects yet, such as being split into multiple bodies of both genders, and a great deal of TFs include an epilogue showing how well you adapt to your new place in the ecosystem of the transformed city.

Once again, NPCs both those who can be recruited and those who are static, are an important part of the experience, and FS transformation text game them even more interesting as they may or may not appear or cause other questlines to happen depending on your choices.

Want to recruit a cuddly feline character? Better rescue him from danger first.

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That friendly rat girl? If you feel like being a jerk, you can corrupt her and turn the other rats into more monstrous, sex-crazed foes to fight. The same, but with your friends, of course! Want more free TF games?

Check out our list of the top 5 free transformation games. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. TFGamer is a community that reviews the best TF games. Next Monstrous Gaming: Altered Beast.

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