Town of passion game

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You've gone the extra mile to help further Town of Passion! Along with my thanks, you get access to: Occasional polls about future builds! Sneak peaks of upcoming characters! Invite to the Town of Passion Discord!

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Being a villager wasn't enough! You've ed Valencia's finest class! All rewards! Sneak peaks of upcoming hardcore scenes! Gaining early access to upcoming test builds, it's up to you to test the build for bugs so everyone else can enjoy a functional game! May be more depending on glitch discovery All rewards!

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With your support, I can continue commissioning scenes and working on Town of Passion without worrying about financial roadblocks. If you don't want to or can't pledge, you can always spread the word about Town of Passion and tell others! Pledging also grants you some cool things as well. To see all of the different pledge tiers and their rewards, check them out on the right side of the. Always read updates and reference the schedule above to know which months may not have new builds. This will completely fund silky smooth animations for Town of Passion as well as helping add a secondary artist to help keep releases consistent!

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Town of passion game

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Town of Passion [v]