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He lives in Korea. He seems to be a laid back character who enjoys hanging around. But due to his immense strength, he is very confident and wields great authority. His mood can change quickly from angry to calm and vice versa. He's a person of mystery and nothing's known about how he became transcendental. He appeared out of the blue around ten years ago around ten years before Han Jihan met Woo Sa but there's nothing special about his past. He took part in the construction of a transmission tower and got hit by a lightning.

He is first mentioned as being a protector of The gamer wiki harem king, going so far as to warn the major factions of the abyss that should they attack the gamer then he will personally deal with them. While some of the smaller factions; ie black rock, decide to attack him regardless, although it is more than likely that they were unware of the Harem King's protection over Jihan.

At an unknown point, the Harem King returned to Seoul. He met with the President and scolded him for attacking Han Jihan. He warned the President that if he dared to touch Jihan again, he would personally destroy the Company and everybody else involved. He was mentioned that he doesn't care what happens to the world, whether it gets destroyed or not. Eventually, The Harem King rescinds his protection over Jihan. This is likely due to him being powerful enough to handle most threats although another contributing factor might have something to do with Jihan picking fights with various entities and organizations.

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The Harem King and Jihan seem to have some sort of connection. Through the Abyss, the Harem King had declared that Jihan is under his personal protection. While almost everybody in the Abyss knew about it, Jihan wasn't aware of it. The Harem King and the President seem to know each other.

Their relationship is currently strained due the fact that the president intended to harm Jihan during his fight with Hwan Seongon. Only a few dare to anger him or stand against him. Immortality: Jin Dajeon is immortal due to being one of the Divine Ten. It was said that if three guilds from the Ninth Gate were to fight him together they might be able to defeat him.

He's called the Emperor of the abyss because even if the divine nine were to fight him together, they wouldn't be able to defeat him. He's an irregular amongst irregulars. The Gamer Wiki Explore.

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The gamer wiki harem king

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