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Three friends decide to get out of the city for a weekend break, only to find out that the sleepy up-state town of Swamp Hollow is really the hunting ground of serial killers. In. Director David Palmieri. David Palmieri. Top credits Director David Palmieri. Photos 3. Add image. Top cast Edit. Justin Pavia Kevin as Kevin. Tina Krause Ella as Ella. Lina Tanille Tiffani as Tiffani. Anthony Edward Curry Steve as Steve.

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Sarah Constable Sandy as Sandy. Sam Carlsson-Velasco Gina as Gina. Tim O'Hearn Cabbie as Cabbie. Barbara Gjelaj Gypsy as Gypsy. Robert Beach John as John. More like this. Storyline Edit. User reviews 9 Review. Top review. David Palmieri delivers a suspenseful, bloody slasher flick starring scream queen Tina Krause. The setup is pretty basic, but the dynamic between the three lead characters is interesting and there is enough interplay and backstory that the fappening 2017 torrent find yourself engaged when the danger begins. Lina Tanille is especially solid in her role. She plays Tiffani as a little bit of a loner; she has a complexity to her that doesn't need to be spoken in dialogue.

Tina Krause plays her role well too as a free-spirit who doesn't take life all too seriously. Justin Pavia does nice work as well in his role and gets a chance to really shine toward the end of the film, but I won't reveal any spoilers. The killer himself is interesting, with a blood-stained welding mask, an interesting main weapon in the form of a detachable claw and an assortment of ways to do in his victims.

I also liked the touch of him playing classical music while getting down to business in the old, sinister barn. This added to the creepy atmosphere in the film. The twist ending is great as well and appreciated in a film like this. Many time, lower budgeted slasher flicks don't try anything interesting, and I appreciated the extra effort to throw off the viewer and provide something new and refreshing at the end of the film. I would love to see a "Claw 2" directed by David Palmieri. I think he does a great job with the tools that he has available.

He created a fun, exciting, atmospheric slasher flick that was well paced and very well shot.

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He utilized some cool timelapse camera work and his setups for the camera angles were well done as well. I commend his efforts and look forward to seeing more from him in the future. Details Edit. Release date May 25, United States.

United States. Sterling Entertainment. Box office Edit.

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Technical specs Edit. Runtime 1h 36min. Contribute to this Suggest an edit or add missing content. Edit .

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The fappening 2017 torrent

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