Stool pigeon games

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Moderator: Community Team. Return to Mafia Archives. Stool Pigeon Mafia - Game Over! Mafia Win!!! MVP- Zimmah Housing completed games. Come take a walk through a history of suspicion! Forum rules Please read the Community Guidelines before posting. Post a reply. I hope that it will become a popular variant and modded by many not just me. This was the original way I learned to play Mafia.

In my high school theatre class, we would often play mafia as an ice breaker activity.

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There were about 18 students in the class. There were 6 mafia, and 12 townies. One of the townies was a Stool Pigeon. The stool pigeon knows all of the mafia, and the townies. Mafia and town do not know who the stool pigeon is. Concept: No cops, no doctors. No roles revealed at any point in the game. Pigeon cannot claim true role.

Pigeon cannot directly reveal information. This game will also consist of informants, who will have the same rules as the pigeon. All pigeons and informants are town in this game. There will be VT's and anti-town roles ex. Mafia I will be attempting to host several rt pigeon games throughout the next few weeks.

I have already run two of them. This is so players can get an idea of how the game works, which will greatly help them if they this game.

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Co- Mod: Safariguy5 checked this setup for balance and approved As a co-mod, he will have access to all player roles, information, night actions, etc. I am hoping to get 24 players. Alive Players 1. Dazerazer replaced by Zimmah 3 2. Victor Sullivan 2. The Irish Tiger 8.

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Eldario JenBroness replaced by sensfan MoB Deadly FoxMists show: Rules Below are the rules as often used in Mafia games, borrowed from numerous Moderators. This game is moderated by me VioletI am the law. Whatever I say goes. All roles will be given out randomly. Do not quote any PMs you receive from the Mod. The only things you may post loosely paraphrasing are your roles and anything associated with themand alignment, during the active game. Once the game has concluded, feel free to post the rest of your personal information.

You may not post your win condition, how many words are in your role PM, or any other kind of way to get around not quoting PMs. If you forget your role, or you delete it, that is your own fault. I suggest not doing either. However you may pm me, and I will send your role again. If they are not, they will not be tallied. Lynching requires a majority of the town vote, and once the majority has been reached any and all unvotes will not be counted. Once your death scene has been posted, you are dead. You can no longer post anything revealing or of substance. Whining is alright, Voices from beyond the grave alright, as long as nothing of substance is revealed.

The game will not be discussed outside this thread, unless your role specifically says you may do so. Whatever you say goes into historical record. No clues or game information will be hidden in the text. Be attentive and active in the game. If I see you are not posting at all, I will prod all those who are inactive. If there is no timely response, you will be replaced. I will remind everyone if the deadline is near, and to look toward voting.

I will remind all those who have night choices when the deadline is near. Once the next day begins, if I have not received your night choice, you will have lost your choice action I. Last edited by VioIet on Fri Jan 27, am, edited 46 times in total. Bruceswar: I have big news coming out soonish Violet: oh, what big news? We've addressed some of the issues raised in the RT mafias. Beckytheblondie : "Don't give us the dispatch, give us a mustache ride.

Hopefully insanity won't be necessary. Epic Win "Always tell the truth. It's the easiest thing to remember. King of the SoC 1v1 Ladder!! Stool pigeon games game, so I don't much know what I'm doing Don't worry conzocool, I will walk you through every step of the way. Thanks for be willing to try out mafia for the first time. It's a lot of fun, and hopefully you'll have a blast!

Art by: codierose High Score: I'm finding the games move too slow for me to stay interested. GL with the game everyone. Thanks for the good luck wish. Looking forward to playing rt mafias with you in livechat. I'm there right now in fact. There is a mafia tab in livechat. When you enter social- if you stool pigeon games a lot of mafia people, we can get an RT game going.

Will be my first game on this site, however i am very experienced at mafia games.

Stool pigeon games

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