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Please Wait. Slave Maker 3. Displaying 1 to 30 of Games. Magneto 3 Type: Action Rating: None. Addictive skill game in which you have to drive your magnetic ball through various levels filled with different magnets and magnetic conveyor belts.

Use arrows to navigate and try not to bounce aga A series of 15 unique puzzles that include no instructions. Rescue Mrs MadPac from the bad ghosts! Your mission is not so simple this time because you have to swim underwater and face your enemies.

Collecting all the energy pills from a levels opens a tele N3wton Type: Action Rating: None. Play new free online game now! The ultimate brick game!

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Complete with level editor, realistic physics, powerups, and other assorted stuff. Think you know everything when it comes down to the X-box ? Put your knowledge where your mouth is and take this simple quiz. Save it! Mothball takes a break from bloodbath as the Christmas approaches. The third pack of 50 user created levels picked from 1. Horror point-and-click adventure game. Episode 3 of the Darkness series. Puzzle games involving laser beams and mirrors. You have to redirect laser light via a collection of mirrors and other toys to make flowers bloom.

Blocks will be comming from the bottom up. Cannon Type: Action Rating: None. A game where you try to shoot the cannon as high as you can! A beat game where you spin around and destroy bullets. Sploder 3pack 01 Type: Action Rating: None. Sploder 3packs are super-fun sets of the best games made by the members of Sploder. Pieman 3 Type: Action Rating: None. Pieman 3 - The next pie eating adventure with 20 levels, 4 modes including mazes and assault course and 5 guns. Compare 2 images and find 25 differences!

So che Shin Chan Maker is a simple game for little ones so that you can entertain you creating Shin Chan. Instructions:Use your mouse to interact with game objects to help the characters move to the next level. Cool Chick is the girl version of the Mega Doll Maker. You can customize hair, shirts, pants, dresses, and all kinds of crazy props. Every single doll element is orig Make this fighter plane even more aggressive by adding more weapons and missiles.

Controls:Movement: mouseInstructions:Drag and drop parts on the plane. This is a simple sliding tile game with a twist. You can only slide a peice into an empty spot indicatd by the yellow arrowsand you must connect the blue pipeline with the gold exit pipe. Every time you hit a ball, its value increases.

Collect the clocks for more time. Controls:Movement: mouse. Mongada3 Type: Action Rating: None. A great game in a anti white color worldControls:Movement: mouseInstructions:avoid the white, colect the blue! Breakit 3 Type: Action Rating: None. Smash all the bricks to beat the level, beat levels and win the game! If the ball goes off the bottom of the screen, you lose a life. Make vertical lines of the same color by sliding horizontal lines. A tale of a man and a woman trying to survive against dinosaurs Pteranodont, Velociraptors, Triceraptop, Stegosaurus and Tyranosaurus The graphics are created using Poser, Swift 3d and 3ds M The puzzle game with personality!

QBeez Online is new for and offers the best online QBeez game ever! Check out 3 new daily game modes - 3 levels, 10 levels and even a 60 level Daily Quest. Jump out of a helicopter for a thrilling ride through the untouched snow.

The beautiful DOA Girls are all featured in this fun interactive memory based games. See if you can impress the DOA girls with your memory by getting consecutive matchesor they will insult you if th Easy but fun skateboarding game.

Avoid obstacles, and do aerial tricks. Box World slave maker flash game a logical game with levels. Click again to r Big houses have big problems, and angry bears, sleepy tramps and an invasion by the local wildlife have turned yours into a wreck! Every room is filled with broken junk, burst pipes, smashed furnit In your tank is the only one left from you legion.

Your mission is to find your way throug the enemy lines. Slave maker flash game is a classic Japanese puzzle game. Try to give sweet kiss to your valentine near animals.

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Be careful while kissing each other because animals not sleeping. Ayo Type: Board Rating: None. Classic African board game for two players. Play against a friend or against the computer. Controls:Movement: mouseInstructions:Make pits of 2 or 3 to collect stones and win. Lead your brain ball in the trivia machine, as far as you advance you earn more money and get closer to the JACKPOTInstructions:By answering the trivia questions correctly, you advnace in the ga The simpliest but cool snowboarding flash-gameControls:Movement: mouse.

Help Santa grab the goodies in this online game, where he must jump obstacles or crash.

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Please agree to the Terms and Conditions. A new twist to the classic online checkers game. Instructions:Move th Play our sudoku with levels easy and hard! Developed by www. The objective is to Can you score over and call yourself a playa? Instructions:Use th Castle wars Type: Board Rating: None. Unicorn Princess Type: Arcade Rating: 3. Behold the Unicorn Princess - pick the best costume for the Princess and her faithful Unicorn. Controls:Movement: mouseInstructions:Drag and drop clothes with your mouse. A puzzle board game with a bunch of freaky characters. A fast-paced puzzle game. Flip the game board fields to make them match the patterns on the cards before time runs out!

Are you ready to conquer the Spider?

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Your goal in this game is to arrange the cards on the tableau piles from K to A so that they can be removed. You will be given 10 tableau piles at the top of th Play a fascinating Bushido Solitaire and become as patient as a real Samurai. You will learn the ancient secrets of the Japan Samurai, which will give you the opportunity to understand the unique p The onject of the game is to move all of the cards from outer piles onto the central foundation area. In this game you have to move other blocks away and move the red block to ExitControls:Movement: mouseInstructions:Drag red block and move it through the opening on the right.

Vertical blocks A stick figure ragdoll game where you have to slave maker flash game around the ragdoll to earn points to get on the highscore board. Description: You go horizontal. The computer goes on a vertical.

In the beginning it is given Bubuks Bubuka are points in a tower-right-down. It is necessary, that at you in the end of level The game with animated animals. Click always the same images, which are at least two with him. When you good, they left no picture and you go awayInstructions:Controlling the left mouse button. Woobies Type: Action Rating: None.

Rescue the cute Woobies before the big ambos smashes them! Simply match 3 or more Woobies together to help them fly. Play in easy, normal or expert mode, each of them has 30 levels. This little girl is about to attend the party, she needs your help to make her look gorgeous and beautiful. Instructions:This game is played with the mouse only. Mousebreaking action! Click for the high scoreControls:Movement: mouseInstructions:Click as fast as you can. Grab the powerups to give you more time. It is a fun leisure game.

You win when you make five pieces in a line. Immerse into the thrilling atmosphere of the circus in this awesome free hidden object and spot the difference game by Hidden-Object-Online. Divided into black and white chess pieces, the board of 15 15 chess pieces are placed in the cross point of the board line. Man-machine game, armed with the same color, in turn a son, the first ho

Slave maker flash game

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