Sissy text game

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The Special Place is a secretive facility with unique equipment and personnel for transforming people into anything they want to be, or to be more accurate, anything someone else wants them to be. Your sister works there, and has been developing a whole new transformation program. She's looking for a guinea pig, and unfortunately that seems to be you This is my first attempt at writing a "choose your own adventure" style interactive text story. It features heavy elements of forced age regression, sissification, humiliation and mind control. If it's not appropriate, please let me know!

I'd love to get feedback on the story, what people like and don't like but mainly what they like! Link to the story. I didn't play much of your game for a few reasons that were more personal than related to the content I'm kind of a sfw kind of person through and through. I really didn't like the age of the main character.

I specifically write about very young minors, it's true, but my situations sissy text game exclusively PG rated. If I was a less sfw person it would be a total turn off to know I was getting the hots for a minor. Maybe I'm just old enough to know better? As a twine author I totally recommend you learn some css code too.

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You could really very easily add a shine to your story just by changing your story's stylesheet. Add some spiffy borders or boxes and it would shine really nicely. I must say I do like the concept of having the same pop back up IE it looks like there hasn't been a change when you click something but a new choice pops up.

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I could easily see structuring more complicated replies using that. A lot of your story's "style" is really inspiring. Good luck with continued development! Loved the story, only discovered it recently through another thread.

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Fantastic work. Looking forward to updates!

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Guess I helped you find a typo then. Good luck with your games! I played around with it and it's pretty good. I only dabble in gender bend lightly so It's different from what go for. I really liked that. I tend to treat my twine projects more like an interactive story so it was cool to see what others do with it, much like 2 other Twine games Ive played from here. posts 9 remaining.

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Sissy text game

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