Rick and morty a way back home full game

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Rick and Morty has unearthed new tragic backstory for details for Rick, revealing that his original Beth died when she was young.

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Those memories prominently feature a younger version of Rick, who s up with the real Rick on his journey. Most of the episode centers around the relationship between Rick and Birdperson, showing their various struggles against the Galactic Federation and the argument that caused them to split up at the Battle of Blood Ridge. When the real Rick mentions Morty to the younger memory version of himself, the response is curious to say the least.

However, the new twist still reveals a lot.

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It was ly believed that C referred to the Earth that became infested with Cronenberg monsters in season 1, which Rick and Morty promptly abandoned for an identical reality where they died. However, it now seems that the main Morty was never from C, making it unclear exactly how many times Rick has changed dimensions and families.

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The fact that Rick continues to cling to Beth and her family makes a lot more sense knowing that his own Beth was killed. It suggests that Rick is constantly trying to create a familial connection that he never actually had, which partially explains why doing so is so difficult for him. It should be interesting to see how this new development is expounded on later in Rick and Morty season 5 and in future seasons after.

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Rick and morty a way back home full game

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