Research into corruption game

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Censorship : None Version : 0. Download Research into Corruption V. Want high speed download? Just take a Premium Pro subscription on k2s and get into a world of porn games. RIC — 0. You need to corrupt the people around you to help you with your new line of work. Whats new last changes : : 0. This version is already crunched. This release contains only new content for Shannon and Effie and some minor changes for Sarah and Chloe. Important: Some animtations contain artifacts blue flashes. It will be only for a short time in the animation and most animations are alright.

Wanted to let you know beforehand. Added: — images; — 54 animations. For higher levels, there is an index of what you have done with Effie. This index will enable next H-scenes within an event.

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For instance, when the index is set to 10 and you have the according event, the H-scene will play and the index will be set to 11, enabeling the H-scene for the next event. H-scenes with an index-value lower than the current setting of the index will always play! Some new characters who could get their own paths but for now only occuring in events for Effie: — Mimi, waitress at the restaurant; — Ellis, owner of the Coffee Shop; — Harold, regular at the Coffee Shop. And when you think this is all, money will become more and more important!

So start working if you want to have some choices in future releases! Main Menu : — 0. Cheat Menu : — CP sex event activation. Removed : — Auto Save Due to bugging out when auto saving straight after an event Enjoy! Picture Count : Build 0. Credits : — Mattwegde — added. Wait — Hours Added. Cheat Menu Location moved. Click on Red Teddy Bear on the home overview screen 4.

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Using brothel at 11pm, going to black screen. Missing Iconset. Random Crashes 5. Constant loading at startup 7. Error when entering play name 8. Extra Picture dumps on end of events to lower memory usage. Game : 1. Changed the overview screens from parallel events to Auto events. Credits updated 3. Cheat menu edited : 4. Memory leak seems to have been fixed from what i can tell. New Event layout in the software allows me to create more stable events.

Had to remove the Cursor plugin, that was the only plugin that was actually coded for 1. Large picture scenes animated to lower memory usage. Text Message App Generic messages throught the hours of the day. Map Map is now semi interactive, More locations will be added. Currently all you can do is: -Click on your Home via the map screen.

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Lounge — Sister TV scene level 1 added. Toilet — Mother : — Walk in scene 2 added — Sister : — Walk in scene 2 added Hence the animations. Saves from v0. Game rating: 5 Voyeur City v0. A Better Place Comment Name Website.

Research into corruption game

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