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Megaer has been taken down by the Government. Request that links be changed to a viable er site. As I use Multi-load we should be okay. If there are any problems I'll put up links from other downloaders. Sadly Multi seems to be FBIed at the moment.

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Can't find you House of TG anywhere else either. Love your games and wanted to download the must updated versions of a lot of them from the blog. The links attached to multi don't work though.

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The import function doesn't work for the cheerleader module of TH. Have to replay the 'old' game even with new gender and name displayed. s Home Nandi's Games.

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Nandi's Games. Whilst I've never finished many games I have managed to rack up quite a few odds and ends along the way. In a rough chronological order here are most of the content I've created. This was one of my earliest if not the earliest game I ever created so it's go quite a soft spot in my heart. Currently unfinished.

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Yeah I have been working on this for quite some time, though the original Adrift version has quite a few differences. Actually the RAGS version was delayed for some time because when I had a working version someone called Kimberly Rex released Popular which just happens to be set in a High School setting.

But as she named the city after me I think I can forgive her.

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And I can't deny that then game has had a massive influence on the de of Tiresias High, though the little room graphics are all my own idea. Actually this game has stalled a of time as I 've tried to decide on the tone of the game veering between Teen and Adult. Unfinished, in progress via The Cheerleader module. The graphics are a little low res and the text can do with tightening up, but I still thinks it holds it own.

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Maybe a update someday Actually finished. I'd only recommend looking at this if your curious. Also now with the never before seen bug filled extended edition. They're spiritual cousin rather than direst sequels. Wow a whole year without an entry. I think I was just burnt out and the whole time sink of games which came constantly second sometime out of two. But the quick five games are quite fun so maybe the next contest.

Ah my unfinished magnus opus, and possibly the first pure Bimofication game. Probably to big and to complex for someone with my wandering attention span, but one day I will finish it Incomplete, but one day I might fix this one up one day. Why are you here and who are all these other people? Incomplete How to get Promoted An effort to get promoted has on serious backfiring!

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Rags tg games

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