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Go to accessibility notice. Grading includes component grades for CIB game submissions Grading Scale: Numerical scale used to quantify the condition of a video game. Wata's scale goes from 0.

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Hangtab: Video game box manufactured with die cuts on the back to hang the game on a hook for display or sale, characteristic of early NES boxes. Also refers to a thick plastic sticker placed on the back of a game for the same purpose Homebrew: Video game made by an individual or small group as a passion-driven endeavor. Kiosk Demo: Game used at store kiosks for demonstration purposes Label: Sticker placed on a cartridge to identify a game.

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Also used to describe the information portion of a Wata holder d: Game made under d and approval of the console's manufacturer Loose: Cartridge only; without r game collecting game components Longbox: Box variant type named for it's extended length compared to most standard box sizes Manual: Instruction booklet included with a game which explains how the game is played; also called instructions Married: CIB game with one or more components which came from different copies of the same game Mock-up: Item made by a game publisher to preview the finished product for internal review or promotional purposes.

All have minor differences from the original. Restoration: Video game component with material added including color to improve its appearance or repair damage Rev- A: Revision A, denoting Nintendo's change from a 5 screw cartridge de to a 3 screw de on NES game components Seal Rating: Wata's grade assessment for a factory seal that covers a game's box Seam Description : The characteristic type or method used in the manufacturer's factory seal for a given game H-Seam, Y-Seam, V-Seam, etc.

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Minor and even major changes were made to game components over time. Each one of these changes is a variant. Some games have no variants and others can have 10 or more known variants. Year: Original year of release for a game title, filtered by Region and Publisher.

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