Pov vore games

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Are you over 18? Do you have desires that decent society would dare to deny you? If so, "Flesh Dimension" is the erotic furry interactive fiction for you! You find yourself lost in a dreamlike world, surrounded by sensations beyond imagination.

Can you escape the Flesh Dimension?

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Or, more importantly Log in with itch. I'll try to keep this short.

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I'm not really into Vore, and I picked the Endo option which I can only assume has the least amount of gore and vicious imagery associated with eating people as well as Consent and sexual content. I think I encountered all of the characters pov vore games the browser demo except I didn't engage with the elephant at all I'm a little sad there was very little in the way of smut that isn't vore dependant: The only thing really was choosing to suck the Futa Slime's cock.

I imagine the experience is way more enjoyable and in depth if the reader actually had a vore kink and picked the more visceral options that might have extra content. That aside I just wanted to mention a few things. So the Swamp area literally goes nowhere, I assume there will be another character there in the future tho? I was also expecting more ambient sounds to play, like music in the bar scene or cave sounds pov vore games the cave Missed opportunity for more ambiance.

There is no option to walk away from the bar once you approach, but one can simply scroll up and pick a past option to change that it's not game-breaking And Finally I just wanna say I audibly chuckled when you go to pick "something else" from the bar and the Bartender get's really horny, just to have him turn flustered when the option is for tap water Good Job :. This first time I played this it was bewildering and alarming, but now that I'm checking it out again, it's pretty cool.

The infinite free death plus dangerous exploration plus dreamlike logic is a great combo. I feel kinda like a god or am hanging out with gods. Well done. Seems that the bartender path is an infinite loop. Can't get anywhere once you are given the option to choose a drink.

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Yes, I am 18 or older or Return to itch. Flesh Dimension 0. Download Now. Also on FA, but you probably already know that.

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More information. Download Now Name your own price.

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Pov vore games

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