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Mansion is a 2D survival horror adventure brought to us by an independent Japanese developer known as Alibi, who has a fair amount of titles under their belt already, such as Welcome to Our Western Hotel!

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With Bruno presumably left for dead after a sudden monster attack, Sara sees no other option but to explore the mansion regardless. The gameplay in Mansion is best described as the result of someone taking the classic Resident Evil formula and jamming it into a 2D plane.

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The game is controlled using the arrow keys, with the Z, X, C, and V keys all serving their own purposes. Z and X control menus as they usually do, V opens up an inventory menu where you can read collected notes, use healing items, or change ammo, and the C key cycles through your weapons.

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Using weapons is a little awkward at first; you must have the weapon selected and be using the stationary battle stance by holding X before you can use your weapon by hitting Z. If you like this game, check out a similar title called Parasite In City.

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