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Log in with itch. Just wondering but when you save one of the acolytes at the ruin by offering yourself instead, the two Lizard Warriors suggest they should arrange for the rest of the lizard warrior tribes have there way with you and ask if you would like that, I chose yes but nothing happens after it, is there a way to make that happen? No, it's not in the game. It was mostly a flavor text, but I may add something like that in the future. Hahaha, you're welcome. I'm always stalking around there, so better be useful x and I have a lot of time to spare too x.

You lustful desires game have a lightsource, or by crafting a torch on your workbench at home, or by finding glowshrooms in the cave when you choose "Find another way" when you're at the bridge. For the ingredients of the love potion, you can check the guide if you don't understand what the witch is talking about. Thank you a lot that helped alot!

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And you'll need one wood, one clothe and one red pulp to craft it. I don't think you can max it yet. The like points usually have limit, so people can't farm points at one event. Eventually I want to make enough possibilities to max out likes without having to repeat the same scenario several times. I'm wondering if the witch is buggy I'm having a lot of trouble getting a raptor for her in the lake I also do have the prisons all built, and I've gone pretty far in my quests. I tried taking the raptor quest maybe a little earlier than usual, maybe, but I ran into the same bug as mentioned earlier, and had to abort it to move on.

Also, one tip for those who have trouble finding glowshrooms; if you want, you could just grow more. If you grow a garden, you can get 10 more in a single day just by planting the one you find in the cave. This game is really great so far.

The writing is pretty damn good, and it feels very polished and full-featured compared to other RenPy VNs. The gameplay is engaging and varied, and I've spent Probably got another hours of gameplay that's currently finished for me to explore soon, and I look forward to seeing your updates!

Do you use reptile's lure for the the raptor? And you go in the wolves den for the alpha, right? I used all five of them that the witch gave me. She won't give me any more for free if I abort the quest and start it over again, of course.

I thought I already answered, but it seem not You can check the recipe for the lures in the guide and craft them without somebody giving you the recipe. And yeah, I used all five of them that the witch gave me.

With a lot of health potion. Apparently you can get a note in the river cave in the google doc that unlock a dialog to gunnar, where is it? For the note, it should be when you enter the cave in the river bank, you find it automatically. For Bernard heart, i think you need to have at least relationship with him. Then, just go hunt with him on Friday. When there's a choice whenever for you to sleep on the bed or the floor, choose the bed.

Then in the morning, there will be another choice appears whenever you should stay close or away for him, choose stay close. If i remember it correctly, the conversation at the end of the hunt should change lustful desires game there will be a notice that Bernard loves you more. Hi Hyao! I'm trying to get beer for the bandits, and I tried buying 15 from the bartender, but Jester tells me that I didn't have enough. Is there another way to get beer? About Korg and hot springs - will it shows as another option?

Can anyone tell me where or how i can find the devil herb to make the wolf's bane?? Just wanted to share some warm thougts. Great game Hyao! I'm really into it. I honestly didn't expect this game so hypnotizing. I just can't stop playing whenever the new update is lustful desires game. The story is interesting and the world is so full, art pieces are like honey to my eyes.

Good job for the artists! I am unable to distribute the points when I create a new game. When I add one point to each category but it only shows that I've used one point and I'm unable to add more. Adding five changes the points to 15, but is the same as adding one in the aspect of being unable to add more.

I'm not sure what the problem is. I just tried to recreate it, but I couldn't. Distributing points work fine for me. Can you tell me more about that issue? I was wondering, what is the difference between telling all the details to the lumberjack versus omitting the most compromising ones, when you show him the pendant? I was so happy about the last update, and things went crazy at work and I just remembered that I never got around to playing it and now the NEXT update is about to come out I'm sorry I promise once crap calms itself down to where I am not power crashing the moment I come in from work, and scrambling around on my days off to catch up chores and etc I lustful desires game play this again.

I can't right now cause I am too tired to play it lustful desires game with myself at the same time, and lets be honest, a good portion of this game is EXACTLY for that sort of thing Okay so I think I messed up bad somewhere. I found Ste in Victoria's cave, fought her to free him and pissed him off, now he's at in the relationship. Even with the latest update, he's not showing up at all in the farmstead no matter what.

I just keep getting told I can't see anything when inspecting the area and wandering around, I find the house but it just says that I relax. I really don't wanna have to restart yet again. I'm 76 days in and have spent ages on it. I think Korg visiting the bath will take place after Rose's visit. Her visit happened to me during around 14 when I came back to home. And for Korg's visit to the bath, I was only able to trigger it after giving him some massage which I think can only be triggered when having muscle ointment. And I think we need to do it more than once and his visit would only happen at night.

Just be sure to keep talking to him and you'll be able to propose visiting the bath. For the problem about Ste's house, it's just that hard to find. I repeatedly inspect the area to find it to a point I almost gave up.

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I found it in the end. I think we need high perception. I don't really know honestly cuz I already built perception since beginning.

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And I used focus tea to improve my perception too because I thought I needed it. How do I do this? I have the Wolf's Bane and I've talked to everyone about the situation in the camp. What do I do?

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You have 2 wolf's bane in the inventory? Because you need two. The event works only between 20 and I have 26 of them. Do you mean day 20 to 24? I'm on day I didn't know they were time dependent. Hey Hyao great game by the way, really enjoyed when i go out on a date whit Hayden.

Hope in the next update we can see them in scenes, like if we have a sex scenario we can see the characters like Bernard, Hayden Logan And how do you want to draw a scene when one character doesn't have a sprite? Hope the hole involves him sticking his dick through it. Or you spying on him having sex with someone. I hate to be a bother, but I got the glowshrooms and still can't enter lustful desires game caves or anything, it says I need a source of light.

Is there a crafting recipe I can use to make them work? Even with the update this issue persists. If it comes to glowshrooms - you need lustful desires game of them. If you have five in your inventory you can obtain an amulet from the witch or from the priestess Only from one of them. Just had a question, is there a scene with Nauxus except the waterfall one? Will we see him again after he left? That's the only thing. I didn't want to go too far and show something that wasn't happening in ToS yet.

The night scene before Nauxus leaves feels like its part of a bigger story. Well that night scene as far as i know, apparently it was the evil "shape shifter" that Korg ever told to MC before. Q: why i'm hiding from Logan at the sawmill or at the mine? Because some scenes are created that way. I didn't decided yet what to do with MC - if he should have sprite or not.

So I can't make CGs with the player. That's why there are sometimes scenes where player is simple watching. I feel player don't always needs to participate and it gives me the chance to commission some scenes. And there is a lot of different encounters in game where player have a lot of options to choose from. Though I respect your decision either way. Thank you for the amazing updates! S- i wish if there more from Nauxes, similar to Tavern of spear. I didn't want to go too far with Nauxus, so I didn't put anything that wasn't happening in the ToS yet.

Logan have a normal path if you discouraged him from going to the camp.

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Then he's not a bottoming slut xD And Bernard There's a new event with him in 0. I actually can't check the comments on ToS because the creator of that game has blocked me, so I can't see any comments on his games. He's honestly just a narcissistic asshole through and through, but that's not really the point. I don't know why some people feel the need to jump to conclusions.

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I added some more information in the last devlog, just to clear things up though. Also how would you feel if people start calling you an 'asshole'? Don't treat others in a way you wouldn't want to be treated. If you can't do that, find another place to call others names. Maybe he shouldn't have treated me in a way he didn't want to be treated then?

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