Kidnapped by aliens walkthrough

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Bionic the code has 3 symbols with scratch marks below them. BlackHat add blue water to orange in test tube, mix to make purple, and then solve the rest for me because I am stuck. I then clicked on the shiney thing and the door lock. It worked even though I couldn't see it. If that doesn't work, you may have to restart :. Maggie77 key goes in the small box by the h2o central room to get gem I left you a note in the castle game about how I reached the queen, too.

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I am still stuck at the stupid water pipes! I've tried turning them to match the chart on the wall but nothing is working! I must be missing something obvious. The lasers are now off. Go to new room and collect green liquid in test tube. Use axe to smash crate and get rusty thing.

Move barrel to get blow torch -go back to the lab and put green liquid in the round beaker next to your purple liquid. Pick up purple beaker and pour into green liquid to get pink stuff. Glass block was in lower left area of yellow goo.

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I thought it was just a shiny spot or some bubbles. For code in vent, first note the symbols on the wall above the bed in the first room you are in. When you crawl into the vent, you can either go straight, or turn off to the side. When you turn, you encounter a screen. Back out of this view and you see the tunnel you just came from. Before you head back out there, look to your lower right and you'll see a code on the wall. It is the first symbol, second, third, second, and then first again I think - going by memory. This is the order that you enter on the case where the invisibility bracelet is.

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It goes on the wall panel to the right of the door. Thanks Tosca!! Can someone tell me exactly what to do for the code??? People say "click the first, then the third" or something, but which symbol is what?? Nice game although I had troubles moving around. I just hate those endnings that arent clear at all. I mean now I played the whole game to find about how and why he was kidnapped, and the end doesnt answer much, just creates more questions. Subscribe and get daily new escape games by. Please read our Commenting Rules before posting your comment! Posting walkthrough links to YouTube and other sites is forbidden!

Please report any spam or kidnapped by aliens walkthrough comment by contacting us. How did I end up in this space? The bright lights Strange voices It feels like something is wrong I need to figure out what is going on. Good luck and have fun! I'm stuck too. Can't find any clues for the tick-tac-toe Found screw driver and triangle head. Bionic Bulldog: Where did you find Triangle head for the multi-driver, please?

Y then then 0 then then Y. Ronch, after you find key behind TV in the lounge. Use it on the lock in the corridor.

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The rusty thing I found and teh lasers in the corridor off. BlackHat: my not-so-rusty thing is also stuck I've clicked on it like times. Oh geez, never mind - I kept watching for the pipes to turn colors, not the diagram itself! This glass block thing has me stumped.

I click all over the beaker and the lab still no block :. The glass block is actually in the lounge when you collect the orange liquid in the test tube. This comment has been removed by the author. Post a Comment Please read our Commenting Rules before posting your comment! Weekly Most Popular Games. G2J Galapagos Tortoise Escape. Amajeto Snowy Hills. Privacy Policy. Monthly Most Popular Games. Amajeto Brunch Lunch. Yearly Most Popular Games. Small Tool - A Lot More. Ainars Winter Wonderland Forest Adventure. All games are copyrighted or trademarked by their respective owners. Escape Games ยป.

Kidnapped by Aliens Walkthrough.

Kidnapped by aliens walkthrough

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Kidnapped by Aliens