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You are 1 boy, trapped in a school of girls. You can't die and are being constantly shrunk. What will become of you and these giantess? Still in its dev. Comment what you would like to see, or me to fix. This is my first game, so I hope you enjoy. Gloria A lot of violence and death, as well as everything else Update Log A 1. Around a quarter of Alita is done. Feel free to explore. I also added a bit of vore for Alita. I have also worked a bit on the Alita storyline.

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I also fixed a lot of bugs the ones that I saw worthy of being fixed but I am still working on debugging although that can wait for the beta. I will be working on Natalee next, comment on what she should be, and then once I'm done her I will release the beta. I will be doing the other choice for now, so there isn't a lot you can do with her. When you are Alita there is different interactions with people now. Fixed a few bugs, and also remodelled the the dorm part of the map. The next update should come some time in the next few months.

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Keep those suggestions coming! B: 1: Sorry this update took so long, but Natalee is now finally completed, and therefore the first Beta version of the game out. There are some endings in her storylines so be careful! I have also changed the name again to make it easier to find. Also because this is the beta stages I will try to focus on bug fixes and such, but if you want me to add in anything just comment it and I will take it into consideration.

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Have fun! B2: I have fixed so many bugs it's hard to count them. I also added stuff to Jennica some of the script was deleted idk when, but I fixed it, and had to re-write everything in the process. I have also made some grammar corrections. I will give this game maybe a month before Giantess text game release the first full version. Keep the suggestions coming. I will still work on this game and take in your suggestions as you can see by some new parts of the map.

ALSO I am planning on adding in some more girls. Rachelle and Ms. Gloria are completed. The only way to get to Ms. Gloria is by the vents, but it has a slim chance of happening because of the amount of stuff she can do. Vivian, Rachelle, and Kira are also accessible by the vents, but also through just plain walking.

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Giantess text game

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