Gay text based games

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Search titles only. Everywhere Thre This forum This thread. Search Advanced…. New posts. Search forums. Install the app. Thread starter xking Start date Aug 19, You are using an out of gay text based games browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Jan 19, 9 1 They don't have to be exclusively gay games. I have preference for adventure or management games. Reactions: Foxxling. Aug 28, 1, Seeds of Chaos has some. It's a visual novel that has some light management elements and map exploration. Gay text based games Well-Known Member.

Aug 26, 2, 1, I mean, I once was on a music forum that had the same problem and managed this by running a sticky with links to every main thread discussing bands and artists with a short name. Jash Well-Known Member. Oct 8, For fuck's sake, why haven't we stickied one of these thre yet? Zevos Well-Known Member. May 7, 2, 1, Jash said:. Click to expand Apr 17, Zevos said:. Last edited: Aug 20, Reactions: Semeshotarules.

Alright, now to contribute a bit myself, personally I can't recommend Seeds of Chaos. Damiekinz Well-Known Member. Aug 1, TheDarkMaster said:. We didn't actually hire someone to do gay stuff. You are correct that this isn't something that's specifically of interest to the team but we try our best. I've tried to avoid feminization sort of stuff for the dwarf, minotaur, and Andras's other content.

If you have suggestions or requests for improvements, please share them in the thread. The art has been getting updates as well to try and keep all the character des consistent. Of course, if you just want straight-up man-on-man sex and are repulsed by women then it won't be your thing.

Stemwinder Well-Known Member. Jun 15, Sissy Maker isn't good in any sense. Tone of the content aside it's all the worst ways to do one of these games; 3 meters of content stretched to 10 by tedious grind mechanics. I can see how it'd be frustrating to see over and over the content you like extra-gated so that oversensitive straight boys won't run into anything they don't like with overzealous clicking and they always complain the loudest if even something like a girl dick isn't triple-gated while the stuff you don't is casually sprinkled in everywhere.

Ideally either everything would be gated or nothing would. When I saw this, I couldn't decide whether to laugh or Lilith's Throne was not bad, I enjoyed it. It's kind of like a DnD game, But I can see it becoming boring after some time. I did not try Summoned By Accident, as it has not been updated sense jun So I guess it's dead. If the devs don't care, why should I? As I did enjoyed Lilith's Throne. Do you no of any other text-based adventure or management? I like furry, so I don't mind that stuff.

And I don't like that the game refers to all the males as female. I have played redscale's adventure, but the game is dead. Reactions: xking. Reathe Well-Known Member. Nov 29, 69 63 I don't know many other games, but a list i can make mostly ends up being visual novels like morenatsu, black lagoon which is censoredtennis aces doesn't have the nsfw implemented yetand a few others.

Being someone who finds what little i can, i did enjoy SoC. Uses both text and 3d visuals.

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Wide variety of characters too. Would recommend. Mixed of human, furry, monster, orcs and demon angel stuff too made by sonpih "Robin morning wood" is pretty good, art ehh, but good enough for me. The game only has a demo and expecting full release next year iirc. Mostly human. Made by grizzly gamer studios. Great art made by zoroj. Great amount of content and updates monthly. Has both furries and humans, occasional monster. Made by hyao. The next three are probably ones you that'll be turned off,as they are mostly just starting.

Made by full frontal frog. Small on top All furry. Made by the great artist spedumon who loves small doms, big bottoms. Best example of what the game entails is a small boi using his big dick to fuck a beefy jock until he cums. Need patreon for anything past the demo though.

Not really starting, but not as much considering it's a few people working on it i think.

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Lastly, "tavern of spear". Good game, just started so little content available. Id wait a year before playing, too little content, but what it does have is great art. Made by fd caro. These are all the ones i normally go to outside of the fenoxosite games. Reactions: Timcanpygenaxking and 2 others. Flexible Survival is alright. The game's options menu lets you freely choose what pairings and fetishes you will have enabled, but it isn't perfect. Still, it has a decent amount of content. Reactions: Kesil. Oct 3, 3 0 My game has a lot of MM content, I just added it to the site yesterday.

MayrunSC Member. Sep 2, 17 4 MayrunSC said:. Yeah, you're both kind of right. There are other paths that don't take that approach, but they haven't be developed very far yet. I'm letting patrons direct the game through voting, and the sissy stuff seems to be very popular. Thanks for at least checking it out, and I value the criticism. Reactions: Semeshotaruleskarunama and Damiekinz. That tends to be the case when you go by public voting.

Gay text based games

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