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The top based on the latest update are Meltys Quest [Score: Also don't forget to check the newest releases Explorers of the Abyss [Release date: ] ranked 20, Monster Girl Fantasy 2: Exposed [Release date: ] ranked 12 and Scars of Summer [Release date: ] ranked Slave's Sword is the story of Luna, a former aristocratic knight of the Empire. Now living peacefully as a mercenary, she quickly becomes involved in a scandal that in her enslavement. Can Luna recapture her freedom and escape from her predicament?

Lag may occur from loading menus or maps. Turn off other programs before running the game. Princess Meltys spent all her life fooling around while living in the lap of luxury. One day the dastardly Grolido Monster Empire upsets her way of life. Now she sets out on a passionate journey to restore her kingdom, but what pit stops will she make along the way? Turn off other programs before running.

Avaria: Chains of Lust is a hentai dungeon crawler that lets you explore the mines of Arden to search for the truth behind its villagers going missing.

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As you traverse through these mines, you will fight a slew of monsters while also dealing with the strange inhabitants of the town. Windows Full controller support. Treasure Hunter Claire is the story about the titular protagonist, Claire, and her adventure through the fabled land of Alstroemeria.

What treasures and riches await Claire as she navigates through Alstroemeria? The twin sisters Tear and Lumiere enjoy a happy life running their clinic. But when a demon abducts her sister, Tear must summon her courage to venture through worlds within magical tomes to bring her sister home safe.

Alchemist apprentice Colette sets out on a path to help others with her skills to become a respected alchemist like her mentor. A most peculiar adventure unfolds as Colette encounters people from all walks of life, and behind all of these lies a sinister figure who intends to take the whole world into its grasp Follow Yukino on her quest to go to the same graduate school as her boyfriend.

Find out what mischief and shenanigans await her as she tries to power through part-time jobs and exams! Seed of Evil is an epic adventure to uncover the secrets of the Water City, Somonden. Follow Anna as she explores the upper and lower parts of the city to uncover the truth of the defilement plaguing its inhabitants. You won't soon forget this amazing story filled with mystery, drama, and intrigue. Fallen takes you on an adventure with Makina into the Ruins of Gardona. What fate awaits Makina and her friends as they travel around Gardona and descend further into the ruins?

Find out in this RPG brought to you in native English! In a world where demons exist, Kain and Leanna live in a relatively peaceful village. The two eventually get married. However, due to the incessant demon attacks, Kain becomes careless and falls into a lot of debt.

How will life of Alice turn out? Will she redeem her noble name and life? Or will she just games like slave lord herself and become a sex tool? Will she become something evil, or games like slave lord a virgin to her Good End? All of that is for you to decide!

Windows Steam Trading Cards. Monster Girl Fantasy is an RPG that thrusts you deep into a fantasy world filled with exotic creatures and seductive monster girls. Are you able to gain the trust of monster girls and stop demons from taking them as slaves? Can you protect the monster girls from a mysterious demon who wishes to expose everything that the girls are hiding? This includes a casino, church, gangsters, bureaucracy and arbitrariness of the authorities. Win and destroy the system or pay taxes! Minimum: OS: Windows 7 Processor: 2.

It's up to Sophie to uncover the mysteries of the Steam City through her investigations. What mysteries and intrigue await her? An interesting combat turn-based system as in JRPG. Beautiful anime girls with pantsu. In the time of war, a dark elf mercenary of stunning beauty lives a unspeakable and licentious life with a teenage boy named Ruse she accidently saved.

They live together and le a rather peaceful life. The Chosen is a heroic RPG. Will you be able to unravel the mysterious plot against you and become the Chosen? After rescuing an armless mage during a chance encounter, the explorer Mei embarks on a journey to reach the top of Yggdrasil, and to uncover the mystery of her forgotten past. A slice of life RPG. Due to family circumstances, Keita finds himself living with his childhood friend Ryoka for the summer.

Explore a contemporary Japanese setting, and enjoy spending time with Ryoka.

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After Princess Ovelia's father falls ill, it's now up to her to explore the labyrinth known as "the Abyss" and seek a way to restore order to the kingdom. From the creators of Treasure Hunter Claire and President Yukino, comes a Stealth Action game where you must dodge traps and enemies to steal the treasures of those who would oppress society. An adventurer named Quem is the first person to step foot inside "Heaven's Ladder" in years. But not long after, she's cursed by a strange, shadowy monster.

Now she must reach the top of Heaven's Ladder, and hopefully, break the spell. In Slave's Sword 2, Luna, a former aristocratic knight of the Empire, returns as the main character. Now having escaped and liberated the Free City, she once again finds herself in a terrible predicament. Will she be able to escape again? Find out in this sequel to Slave's Sword! A pretty and talented scientist, Konica Yaegaki, must earn money to save her laboratory from competing companies and peers who seek to destroy her reputation.

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However, she won't go down that easily. Contact: [ protected] Twitter: SteamPeek. This is a live experiment. Any information may be already outdated or simply wrong. All media, including copyrights, trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners. This site is strictly informational, the goal is to support the creative teams behind the games. There are no downlo here. Clear history. By choosing AGREE and using this website you are affirming that you are at least 18 years of age or the age of majority in each and every jurisdiction in which you will or may view adult material, whichever is higher; such materials doesn't offend you; and viewing the adult material is legal in each and every community where you choose to view it.

Also the material you are viewing is for your own personal use and you will not expose any minors to the material. Try searching for the game you last bought, have played recently or just added to your wishlist. Slave's Sword. Include tags s 's 2. summary The top based on the latest update are Meltys Quest [Score: Requested game details.

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