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Shinobi is an Action-Adventure, Side-scroll, and Single-player video games series developed and published by Sega for PlayStation platform. The player controls the protagonist named as Joe Musashi and throwing knives is the main of him. There are a variety of levels, and each level offers challenging gameplay. Shinobi is the first title in the series released in The protagonist is capable of jumping, fighting and exploring the environment. The primary objective is to manipulate the world fight against enemies and slaughter those using knives to complete the missions.

Each level offers different background and a set of tasks the player has to complete. After completing the level, the player must face the boss and defeat them to shift to the next step. The game rewards the player with points, games like shinobi girl the player can use his punching and kicking abilities to take down enemies. Avoid enemy attack, save hostages and reach to the end of each level to win the match. With prominent features, addictive gameplay, superb visuals and smooth controls, Shinobi is the best game to play and enjoy. The game takes place in the procedurally generated world and centers on the cold war.

The player can control the protagonist and set out on an adventure to fulfill his missions. The aim of the player is to navigate the world from side-scroll and fight against enemies to defeat them and clear the missions. As the game proceed, other levels will be unlocked and the game becomes challenging to play. The protagonist is armed with different weapons that can be used to slaughter the enemies and destroy their bases. With brilliant mechanics, stealth gameplay and superb visuals, CounterSpy is the best game to play and enjoy.

The game takes place in the beautiful world consists of a hospital, a museum, a cruise ship and a theater. You assume the role of the ghost who can possess objects to scare peoples. Manipulate the world from the side-person perspective, interact with objects to possess them and scare citizens away from a hospital, a cruise ship and more. Each level offers a different environment and offers challenging gameplay as you advanced.

The game looks easy but hard to master. Scare everyone in the unique world with your unique abilities and solve mind-bending puzzles to progress. Haunt the House: Terrortown offers prominent features such as three different Expansions, Five new Locations, and different Objects to Possess, beautiful Soundtracks, and more.

With addictive gameplay and excellent mechanics, Haunt the House: Terrortown is the best game to play and enjoy. The game follows a character, who is a scientist and finds himself on a dangerous alien planet due to his experiment gone wrong. In the strange world, the protagonist needs to fight for his survival and find a way out. The game combines the elements of adventure and platform and allows the character to run, attack, jump and more. You assume the role of the protagonist, named as Lester, who is unarmed.

During the exploration, you can use a pistol with three games like shinobi girl such as create the force field, standard fire mode and block enemy fire. There are a series of levels, and each level needs a completion of certain goals to progress through the story. The game becomes challenging to play, as you advanced. Explore the story, and survive as long as possible to score the highest points.

With addictive gameplay, brilliant graphics, and a superb story, Another World is the best game to play and enjoy. Simon the Sorcerer 2 is an Adventure, Puzzle, Third-person Perspective and Single-player video game with Fantasy-based elements developed and published by Adventuresoft, Ltd. It is the direct sequel to Simon the Sorcerer and serves as the 2nd title in the series and introduces improved gameplay with more adventures.

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The player takes on the role of the protagonist, a sorcerer, who is thrown into a strange dimension by his wardrobe. The primary objective of the player is to explore the world to interact its inhabitant and find another wardrobe that could get the protagonist back home. The player controls the character using point games like shinobi girl click interface and can set out himself on an epic adventure to rescue the world from the antagonist named Sordid.

The game offers the similar gameplay to the title with improved technology. It offers many levels with increasing difficulty and lets the player score the highest points to dominate the game. Simon the Sorcerer 2 is the wonderful game to play and enjoy. The game takes place in the magnificent castle and features three different modes such as Death Match, King of the Hell and Team Match. It offers a brilliant story, in which, long time ago, the realm was lived with peace and happiness. Suddenly, one day the magic crystal falls from the height of the sky, full of magical energies, offering the ability to the people to re-spawn.

After that, the ultimate war began between different nations to control the magic crystal. The game offers fast-paced gameplay and five different heroes with ten unique skills. To get into the world, you must select your playable character from mage, warrior, knight and more. There are lots of challenging levels available with increasing difficulty. The game offers a fantastic gameplay that you have never experienced before.

It puts you in control of the protagonist who is thief named as Henry, who has been captured by the Police and now is in jail. Henry receives a reinforcement in the form of a package. It features a variety of levels, and each level needs a different way to escape. Up to nine achievements are available to unlock.

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The game looks easy enough in the beginning but goes challenging as you advanced. Escaping the Prison features multiple ends, depending on the choices that are made by you. Oxenfree is a Single-player Graphic Adventure video game developed and published by Night School Studio for cross platforms. In the game, the player takes on the role of the protagonist, a teenager named as Alex, who is on a weekend to an Island.

The game revolves around supernatural events and the protagonist and his friend must explore the environment to unearth the mysteries of the Island. The player navigates the world from an isometric perspective, who has unleash the paranormal force on the island mistakenly. The player and his fellows must figure out about the force and find a way to fend off it.

The game gameplay centers on walk and talk gameplay. Speech bubbles appear on the playfield over the head of the protagonist, instead of dialogue appearing during cutscenes, enabling the player select between two or three choices what the player will say next in the chat. The game takes place in the classical world and offers a pack of kids as playable characters. You must select your playable character and start your journey, where you have to explore the landscapes, solve puzzles and earn points by defeating games like shinobi girl.

Each character in the game offers its unique abilities, and you can use their abilities to solve mind-bending puzzles. The game is played from an isometric view, and the player can use melee weapons to fight enemies and destroy objects to pick up powers, health, and other weapons.

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There are multiple levels available, and each level offers a set of objectives that you must complete at any cost to progress through the game. The game features Single-player mode only and serves as the sequel to Batman: The Telltale Series, released in It offers the similar features and gameplay, found in the titles.

According to the story, the Riddler has come back to invade the Gotham City, and the player must fend off it by spreading the devastation. It mainly focuses on episodic gameplay, and the player needs to interact with environment games like shinobi girl the non-player characters using point-and-click interface. The player uses the dialogue system to interact with other characters and he has to complete the objectives to progress through the game.

Batman: The Enemy Within includes core features, superb mechanics, and brilliant gameplay to enjoy. It offers the puzzle mix adventure gameplay and takes place in the historic year in Norway. You assumes the role of the primary character named as Ruth, who is living with her cows. The story of the game starts with the female character completing objectives and chores on the farm, longlining for a unique life after the death of her beloved mother and father. As the story progress, a UFO appears overhead, and abduct her cows.

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In the beginning, you have to explore the environment to encounter different puzzles and challenges to accomplish. The game lets you walking and running speed and your objectives include patching the roof, saving the lost cow, milking cow, making cheese and more. Try it out. The game takes place in the snowy environment and puts the player in the role of the protagonist, who must traverse through a post-apocalyptic full of ruins and remnants. During the gameplay, the player can manipulate the unknown games like shinobi girl for artifacts and antiques, and search for his past.

The ultimate task of the player is to build a rocket by collecting the materials and craft multiple tools that will assist the player to reach greater distances. There are over hundred items available to find and inspect, each item beautifully drawn with a unique story to match, including the material of rocket. It comes with up to thirty atmospheric soundtracks deed to immerse the player in the snowy wilderness. The story revolves around the protagonist, who is exploring the atmospheric world full of rich narration and mysteries. He can interact with non-player characters to get information about the task using dialogues.

Check it out, and have fun. The game features Single-player mode only and offers exciting gameplay based on Bob Kane and Batman of Bill Finger character. In the game, the player assumes the role of the superhero named as Batman, both as his alter ego named as Bruce Wayne and as a superhero Batman. The narrative of the video game represents an interpretation of the fictional universe takes place in current time, not connected to any iteration of Batman in comics, film, or games, according to the developers.

The game lets the player jump into the fractured psyche of Bruce Wayne and find out the far-reaching and powerful consequences of his choices as the Dark Knight. The game mainly revolves around Adventure and Point-and-Click elements, and it serves as the 2nd title in the franchise of Pajama Sam. It introduces the titular character, getting into the world wide weather through his attic to fend off the scary lighting and thunder.

According to the plot, the protagonist accidentally causes the massive malfunction while facing the surprising thunder and lighting, after that the protagonist is tasked to restore the several missing parts before the president of WWW World Wide Weathernamed as Mother Nature finds out.

The side objectives of the game let the player find the missing pieces to solve the tricky puzzles, which will shape an amazing picture when they are all gathered. There are many levels, and each level offers the challenging gameplay and objective that the games like shinobi girl has to accomplish at any cost. The game introduces a classic gameplay on mobile devices, based on an old classic game Prince of Persia. In the game, the player assumes the role of the protagonist, a prince who stuck in a castle and must escape at any cost while facing challenging traps, hurdles, and obstacles.

There are challenging levels and each level offers a set of objectives, unique enemies, and a boss that the player needs to overcome to reach the end. During the gameplay, the player needs to learn the patterns and then come up with unique moves a proper timing to clear it.

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Hundreds of unique levels are waiting for the player. He can experience a retro-style side-scrolling gameplay with arcade elements. Games Like Shinobi for Android 69 14 15 50 4 24 7 1 6 14 1 2 11 2 1 2 4 Show Details.

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