The long night of research

CaFE at long night of research 01

Date: 13th of April 2018
Location: Graz, Austria
Audience: General public

Mr Marco Cristofaro (ESR 14/AVL) participated actively in the event the “Lange Nacht der Forschung” (Long night of research) which took place in Austria on the 13th of April 2018. The “Long night of research” is a nationwide science communication event that makes research institutions accessible to the general public for one night. Current research projects, new findings and technologies are presented in an exciting, understandable and entertaining way.

This year’s event was a very successful one: 200.000 visitors in 265 locations all over Austria interacted with the researchers to gain information on scientific topics that affect the daily life and influence the future.

CaFE at long night of research 02

Mr Cristofaro was in Graz and spent most of his time at FH Joanneum, the AVL headquarters and TU Graz. He discussed with the visitors and other researchers aiming to underline a) the importance of research in understanding reality and how this understanding can improve the quality of our life, b) the value of worldwide borderless collaborations in the research community and c) the contribution of the Marie-Curie Actions funding opportunities to the research conducted in Europe but also worldwide.