Science – fiction: science or fiction?

Date: 29th of July
Location: Munich, Germany
Audience: approx. 40 students from USA, Luxembourg, Spain, France, Ukraine, Russia, average age 13

Ms Daria Ogloblina (ESR 1/ TUM) and Ms Polina Gorkh (ESR 7/ TUM) visited the summer physical-mathematical camp “Delta” for gifted children that took place in the Russian cultural centre “GOROD” in Munich to implement an outreach activity. They wanted to motivate the children to become researchers and so they prepared an age-appropriate lecture on science – fiction: 1) common mistakes to be seen in sci-fi movies and 2) modern inventions which bring us closer to sci-fi.

The international 13-year-old audience was successfully inspired and during the whole lecture they participated vividly in the discussion: They made guesses, assumptions, tried to provide their explanations and prove their hypotheses.

They were so absorbed into asking questions regarding prospective developments and proposing topic related hypothetical situations, that they didn’t want to leave the room when the lecture was over.

Consequently, the CaFE ESRs received a lot of appreciation from the organizers but also an invitation to the following similar event.