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Summaries of the CaFE deliverables

Deliverable 1.1: Interface Tracking
Deliverable 1.2: DNS derived pressure
Deliverable 1.3: Coupled Fluid-Structure Interaction model for bubble collapse
Deliverable 1.4: Material fatigue and removal predictions
Deliverable 1.5: Development of Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics solid solver to estimate mass loss in materials
Deliverable 1.6: Fluid-structure Interaction in cavitation erosion
Deliverable 1.7: Bubble dynamics model including heat and mass transfer
Deliverable 1.8: Compressible Validation
Deliverable 2.1: Flow measurements (SPIV, high-speed imaging, wall pressure) for cavitating vortex in existing test rig configuration (Vortex data)
Deliverable 2.2: MHV test rig
Deliverable 2.3: Complete set of measurements for converging-diverging nozzle (venturi)
Deliverable 2.4: Flow measurements (SPIV, high speed imaging, x-ray) for cavitation inside a submerged discharge orifice
Deliverable 2.5: Measurements of wall pressure and material loss for different fluids and target materials
Deliverable 3.1: Barotropic LES
Deliverable 3.2: TUM-LES validation
Deliverable 3.3: LES methodology with a sub-grid scale model
Deliverable 3.4: DNS-based SGS for LES model validation
Deliverable 3.5: Energy Cascade
Deliverable 3.6: Immersed Boundary with Cavitation
Deliverable 3.7: Validation of Immersed Boundary Method with Cavitation
Deliverable 4.1: Assessment of Previously Derived Surface Erosion Model
Deliverable 4.2: A New Erosion Risk Assessment Procedure for Engineering Applications
Deliverable 4.3: Model application to ship hull – propeller flow
Deliverable 4.4: Cavitation Characteristics in a Diesel Nozzle Tip
Deliverable 4.5: Investigation on the removal of the cavitation erosion risk in a prototype control orifice inside a diesel injector
Deliverable 4.6: Coupled simulation of Diesel injector flow/cavitation and fuel atomisation
Deliverable 4.7: Development of three-phase LES model
Deliverable 4.8: Model validation and application to gear pump