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The CaFE project at the

10th International Symposium on Cavitation (CAV2018)

May 14 – 16, 2018
Renaissance Baltimore Harborplace Hotel
Baltimore, Maryland, USA

The following CaFE ESRs presented their work to leading scientists and industry experts:

  1. E. Stavropoulos Vasilakis, P. Koukouvinis, M. Farhat, M. Gavaises, “Cavitation Induction by Projectile Impacting on a Water Jet”
  2. N. Kyriazis, P. Koukouvinis, M. Gavaises, “Heating effects during bubble collapse using tabulated data”
  3. M.G. Mithun, P. Koukouvnis, I. K. Karathanassis, M. Gavaises, “Simulating the effect of nozzle cavitation on liquid atomisation using a three-phase model”
  4. T. Melissaris, N. Bulten, T. J. C. van Terwisga, “On Cavitation Aggressiveness and Cavitation Erosion on Marine Propellers using a URANS Method”
  5. M. Cristofaro, W. Edelbauer, P. Koukouvinis, M. Gavaises, “Large Eddies Simulation of the injector internal flow during a pilot injection”
  6. P. Sarkar, G. Ghigliotti, M. Fivel, J.-P. Franc, “Numerical investigation of the dynamics of pressure loading on a solid boundary from a collapsing cavitation bubble”
  7. M. Brunhart, C.C.E. Soteriou, P. Koukouvinis, C. Daveau, M. Winterbourn, M. Gavaises, “A comparative examination of cavitation erosion predictors on a prototype hydraulic control orifice in a diesel fuel injector”
  8. Ali Amini, Mohamed Farhat, ‘’Effect of gas content on tip vortex cavitation’’
  9. Polina Gorkh, Steffen J. Schmidt, Nikolaus A. Adams, “Numerical investigation of cavitating regimes in a converging-diverging nozzle”
  10. Daria Ogloblina, Steffen J. Schmidt, Nikolaus A. Adams, “Numerical simulation of collapsing vapor bubble clusters close to a rigid wall”
  11. S. Jahangir, W. Hogendoorn, E. C. Wagner, R. F. Mudde, C. Poelma, “High-speed visualization and X-ray densitometry of partial cavitation regimes present in a converging-diverging nozzle”
  12. S. Schenke, T.J.C. van Terwisga, “Erosive Aggressiveness of Collapsing Cavitating Structures”
  13. E. Ghahramani, R. Bensow, “Analysis and improvement of the mixture model in the numerical simulation of bubbly flows”
  14. M. H. Arabnejad, A. Amini, R. Bensow, M. Farhat, “Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Cavitating Flows over Modified NACA09 Foil”
  15. Shrey Joshi, Jean-Pierre Franc, Giovanni Ghigliotti, Marc Fivel, “Modelling Fluid-Structure Interaction in cavitation erosion using Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics”