Invent (Y)our Future

CaFE invent future 01

Date: 12-14 April 2018
Location: Drunen, Netherlands
Audience: approx. 100 people

The first “Invent (Y)our Future” event was organized in 2018 by Wärtsilä Netherlands and was held in Drunen from 12-14 April. Innovation and Digitalization were the central themes of the event, which aimed to showcase recent development as well as future opportunities to the Wärtsilä employees. More than 100 people from every department of the company attended the event.

During the interactive three-day programme Mr Themistoklis Melissaris (ESR 12/ Wärtsilä) shared the innovative actions of the CaFE project, focusing on his own research area: how cavitation erosion prediction with CFD can change the future of propeller design and what will be the general impact on the maritime industry.

When addressing experts in maritime industry Mr Melissaris went into detail about how cavitation erosion risk on propellers can be assessed and about the limitations of this assessment. His colleagues from departments that weren’t related to engineering were interested in understanding how cavitation erosion prediction with CFD can improve business and development in the future.

The event was an excellent opportunity for Mr Melissaris to increase awareness of his research work and its impact.

CaFE invent future 02