How about becoming a researcher?


Date: 21/12/2016
Location: Athens, Greece
Audience: 22 seventeen-year old students with prior knowledge in physics.

ESR 6, Mr Efstathios Kontolatis visited his former school in Athens, Greece (1st Lyzeum Papagou in Athens) to encourage and motivate students to pursue careers in science and research and to introduce them to his research field.

What kind of skills does a scientist need to pursue an international career related to research? Who was Marie Curie? What options offer the Marie Curie ITN programmes? What means mobility in terms of a researcher’s career?

Mr Kontolatis presented info on the above based on his own life example. He also explained what is cavitation and presented his research topic (cavitation in diesel injector nozzles) without complex scientific terminology. The discussion following the presentation focused on the research needs in the area of fluid mechanics and a simple questionnaire was completed by the students. It had been developed to measure the students’ motivation towards research related careers.

Mr Kontolatis received positive feedback from the students and their teacher, Mr Seriatos. Overall, the activity was considered as very successful, as shown also by the completed questionnaires: All students gained new knowledge on fluid dynamics, half of them would like to receive more info on programmes that are funded by the EU and one third of the students would like to learn more about cavitation.

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