Fascinated with fluid dynamics!

Date: 12th of June 2017
Location: Lausanne, Switzerland
Audience: approx. 25 high-school students

ALI_AMINI_Test section and downstream

In mid-June 2017 the laboratory for hydraulic machines (LMH) of EPFL hosted about 25 students from the ‘Gymnase du Bugnon’, a high-school in Lausanne, Switzerland.

During their visit Mr Ali Amini (ESR 16/EPFL) had the opportunity to give them basic knowledge of fluid mechanics. He focused on the cavitation phenomenon and explained why it is important to study it.

He also demonstrated the high-speed cavitation tunnel of EPFL. During the demonstration the students observed how a one-phase flow turns into a cavitating flow when the static pressure of the tunnel falls beyond a critical value. The fascinated faces of the students were Mr Amini’s valuable reward for the implementation of this activity.