June 2017

June 26-29, 2017

  1. IICR 5th Cavitation Workshop
    June 28- 29 2017, Chania, Greece
    For the complete programme and more information on the IICR Workshop 2017 please visit the website
  2. CaFE Summer School
    June 28-29 2017, Chania, Greece

    • All ESRs participated in the Poster Exhibition of the 5th Cavitation Workshop.
    • Best Poster Award for ESRs 1 and 2: Ms Daria Ogloblina (TUM) and Mr Prasanta Sarkar (INP Grenoble)
    • Mr Prasanta Sarkar (ESR2/INP Grenoble) and Mr Shrey Joshi (ESR3/INP Grenoble) presented their research projects at the annual workshop of the Cavitation Institute
  3. CaFE 4th  progress meeting
    June 26, Chania, Crete
    The 4th  progress meeting of the CaFE project took place at the MAICh Conference Centre
  4. Seminars 5-8

    • Diesel engine technology
    • Fuel injection systems technology
    • Cavitation in the bioengineering field

Speakers: Dr Μohamed Farhat (EPFL), Dr Jason Li (Caterpillar Fuel Systems US), Dr Robert McDavid (Caterpillar/Perkins Engines UK), Dr Lyle Pickett (Sandia National Labs US), Dr Ian Rivens (Institute of Cancer Research UK), Dr Celia Soteriou (Delphi Diesel Systems UK)